Using a ViBook with Mac Mini and Cintiq 12WX?
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I have a last generation mac mini and would like to use a cintiq 12WX with it. Would a ViBook USB adapter help me accomplish this?

Ok, so I have a last generation mac mini and can only use one monitor on it. I want to start using a WACOM CINTIQ 12WX. The problem is that the cintiq works like a monitor so I can only have either the cintiq plugged in or my normal monitor. I found a piece of hardware called the ViBook which I think might solve this. Has anyone used this thing with good results? Will photoshop run ok on it? Any advice is appreciated. Also, I've found similar USB adapters that were less expensive. Is one better than the other ones or could I get away with getting a cheap one? Thanks!
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If this USB adapter is similar to this offering from Other World Computing, there will definitely be a performance hit for displays connected to this device. Didn't see any mention on the ViBook site, but here's what OWC has to say about their USB video adapter:
This release does not support OpenGL acceleration (3D hardware acceleration) so therefore applications and features that require OpenGL, Quartz Extreme, Quartz Composer and other framework based on OpenGL will not be fully supported.

Examples of such features are Keynote Presentations, iPhoto Slideshows and iMovie.
Photoshop 4 leverages the GPU and OpenGL for performance. What I'd do is use my existing display with the USB video dongle (to stash tool palettes, Finder windows, etc.) and connect the Wacom to the onboard DVI port.
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Response by poster: I've been thinking about this eVGA one. It seems similar and the price is lower.

Any thoughts?
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