Can you identify this short story about a kitten found during breakfast?
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This question about eggs reminded me of a short story I read years and years ago. It features a kitten and breakfast.

The story was in an old collection for high school students I found in a secondhand shop, probably published in the 1960s at the latest. A fussy, stodgy middle-aged American man is sitting down to breakfast, which should usually consist of a perfectly soft-cooked three minute egg, but it's interrupted by his wife's discovery of a forlorn kitten under a bush in the backyard. Man's comfortable life is turned upside down when his wife adopts the kitten and is completely distracted (burnt toast and hard-cooked eggs!) but he eventually warms up to the kitten. The kitten is not eaten.

I can't remember anything else about the story, but it would be nice to find it. Any ideas?
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maudlin, if no one knows here you can always ask at Loganberry Books - their Stump the Bookseller section is fantastic.
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I definitely remember this story, but can't place the author. Unfortunately I don't have any of my old textbooks with me any more. Can you tell us when you read it?
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Thanks, iconomy. If nothing comes up here, I'll check out that site. (I'm still looking for answers here, everyone else. Don't let that best answer marking dissuade you!)

Dr. Spaceman, I read it about 20 years ago, but it was a pretty old book, probably published in the 50s or 60s, 70s at the absolute latest. The story felt as if it was from the mid-twentieth century (I think the man worked in a bank, wore a suit and hat to work, his wife didn't work, etc.)
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D'oh! I'm going to temporarily yank back the best answer marking because from the home page of AskMe, it looks as if the question has been answered. I'll put it back later. Hope springs, and all that ...
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