Good Weight Watchers App for My iPhone?
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Can anyone recommend a good iPhone App for tracking Weight Watchers points?

I realize that Weight Watchers, in its infinite wisdom, doesn't have an iPhone app and aggressively goes after anyone who tries to put one up on the App Store. But there seem to be a few that have slipped through the cracks, and I'm trying to find the best of the bunch. There are a few that seem to simply allow tracking points as one option among several, and I'm fine with using one of those.

What I'm looking for:

- The ability to use it offline. WW E-tools has a fine iPhone interface but it takes a while to load on Safari. I'd like to be able to access my info when I don't have a great connection (I have a first-gen iPhone)

- A reasonably good database of foods. Many of the apps I've found will let you record your daily points but don't have a database.

- Some sort of feature that allows me to keep track of flex points and activity points.

- The ability to track fruit and veggie servings, water, dairy, etc.

- Flexibility to change my points and food goals from time to time. ie, if I decided to try Core for a while, the ability to start tracking my core flex points.

Obviously this is a big list, and I know I'll only get a few of these things in any one app. But even a few of these things, plus the ability to track points on my iphone, would be a huge boon.
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I should also mention, as a point of reference, that I have been using the LoseIt! app and simply calculating my points totals at the end of the day from their calorie and fat totals. But this is sort of a pain, and makes it hard to calculate throughout the day (ie, "I have 10 points left and it's 4:00, so I can have xxx for dinner"). I do love the design and the food database, though.
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at one point someone came up with iPoints Calculator, but the Weight Watcher company asked them to remove the application, so, I am assuming that WWI will come out with their iPhone app shortly. That said, have you tried on the iPhone? It’s not bad at all — you can’t use any of the flash stuff, but you can use the “traditional” tools just fine.
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Thanks weink, I like etools but it doesn't work so well with the Edge network...
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You can take the Weight Watchers POINTS formula, which is public record (Patent No. 6,040,531, item #13) and put that in a formula for a Google Documents spreadsheet, and access that via iPhone.
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