Waht is this (apparently NOT popcorn-like) food?
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What is this mystery food and how do I prepare it?

I found it in the bargain bin. I originally thought it looked like some kind of snack food,but initial tests reveal that it definitely needs to be prepared.
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Looks like it's some kind of pasta/wheat type thing called Trahanas and often used for soup--I've never heard of it before but maybe that can help you jumpstart your Googling.
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Looks a lot like something called Blaxa Trahana at this Greek market.
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Yep, more on Trahanas.
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Could it be Bulgar wheat?
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Not bulgar. It looks more cornmeal-like. What does it taste like?
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It looks like the Greek version of Farfel
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The second line of the label, I think, says "with yogurt and buttermilk" -- as otherwordlyglow's second link points out there are "sweet" and "sour" versions, and you have the sour kind.

I don't actually know Greek (just the alphabet and the random bits I've picked up here and there from having a general interest in etymology) so I can't help you more.
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Thanks a lot, especially for the recipe otherworldyglow. I think I'll try it our tomorrow.
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