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Why can I only sometimes drag and drop images from Aperture into Photomatix?

I have a Canon 40D, and shoot my images in RAW format. I have an Intel Macbook Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 4GB of ram, and am running OSX 10.5.5. I generally import my images to Aperture using a card reader (using the import function in Aperture, not by first putting them on my hard disk).

When Importing, I choose the folder on my HD to store the pictures using Aperture's dialogues. I like to take bracketed exposures on my camera and try to make HDR images using Photomatix (emphasis on try, there is deifinitely a learning curve). If I am browsing through Aperture, I can sometimes drag the images right from Aperture into the Photomatix workflow/dialogue boxes, but sometimes not. I believe that if the images in Aperture are in the original location they were imported to, they drag and drop just fine, and Photomatix does a very speedy job of processing them. If, however, I use Aperture to relocate the master files (i.e. on my hard disk, into another folder), then I can no longer drag and drop them from Aperture to Photomatix. Why? What did I break? How do I fix it?

I am trying to allow Aperture to do the RAW conversion, since it is faster than Photomatix. With respect to the images in question, I have not exported them or converted them first, they are still RAW images. Thank in advance for your help.
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You might get some answers on Apple's Aperture discussion board:
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Response by poster: Thanks, I will check there. It occurs to me that this may not even be an issue relating just to Photomatix, but I don't think I can drag and drop to anywhere in this circumstance.
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Response by poster: I figured it out! Apparently, in order to be able to drag and drop files from Aperture, the file's preview must be created/up to date. This wasn't the case with the files I wanted to work with, so I just updated the preview, and problem solved! Thanks for the help with that discussion page. The answer I ultimately found was just in the Aperture manual.
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