Place in NYC to get passport photo taken per Canadian specifications
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Where in NYC can I get passport photos taken as per Canadian visitor's visa requirements?

I'm having an incredibly tough time getting passport photos taken as per Canadian requirements for a Temporary Resident visa (Appendix B in this pdf). I'm in Ithaca, NY and none of the photo places here can do it. At one place they informed me that they used to do it but since Canada switched over to using biometry they started getting 95 % of photos rejected and angry clients complaining, so they just don't want the hassle any more. They asked me to try which appears to allow you to pick up photos from Walgreen's with a day's processing so that would be one option. However I would feel much more comfortable using an in-person professional who knew what they were doing.
So I'll be traveling to NYC on Wed, reaching there around 5 pm. I need to get to the Canadian consulate around 8 the next morning so it would be awesome if there was a place I could get this done before that. UES (where I'll be staying) or Avenue of the Americas (where the consulate is) would be preferred, though please let me know if you have any suggestions in other locations also. If I'm unable to get the visa done on Thursday, I can stay another day and try again on Friday, so don't limit yourself to 24-hr places alone. Thanks!
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Since you'll be in the UES, try Moormend's at 1228 Madison, between 88th and 89th. I had photos for my Irish passport (which had similar requirements) taken there without a problem.
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Response by poster: I called Moormend's -- they say they only do passport photos as per US specifications.
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Try calling the consulate, perhaps? They may know of places.
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Response by poster: The Canadian consulate doesn't take any phone enquiries about visas. The recorded message merely refers you to their website, which doesn't appear to have any information about photo studios.
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Not in NY, but after looking all over the place I had mine done at the US post office, and the Canadian passport office accepted it. It took the nice photographer a few tries to get it done, but she only charged me for one picture. I suggest if you try this that you pick a time that is not too busy and bring your own metric ruler to check.
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Try the photo lab on the north side of Chambers between Church and West Broadway. They can scale the photo as necessary.

Wherever you go, bring the sheet with you.
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Try Columbia Photo. I think they do basically every passport photo (I got Dutch ones made there).
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Best answer: This isn't a personal recommendation, but a quick google points to Doi Camera, various locations in Manhattan, main store phone # for inquiries is 212-661-0876. Only open until 6pm.

They seem to know what they're doing and have good recommendations for Canadian documents.
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I got mine at Kinko's. They do lots of passport photos and were prepared for various size requirements.
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You might also want to drop by Ithaca Photo or Cameras N Things (both in the Commons) before you leave for NYC. Ithaca Photo looks like a real photo place, so the guy ought to know what he's doing. Bring the requirements and I like Killick's idea to bring a metric ruler with you too. Of course, if you already tried there and that's the place that refused to do it, nevermind. Keep enjoying this beautiful weather in any case!
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Response by poster: Doi Camera looks like what I'm looking for, especially since they seem to have really taken the time to figure out the Canadian requirements. Columbia Photo is another option. Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: Both Ithaca Photo and Cameras N Things seem to have gone out of business. Thanks though!
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You're in Ithaca- why don't you just drive to, say, NF Ontario?
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Oh never mind :(
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My family and friends have done all ID/passport photos for the last >10 years with a digital camera and photo paper. Why waste $X on those stupid photo booths or expensive photo places when you can use the digital camera you (or a friend) already own and a printer (if you don't have one, go to a friend's place, library, college, photo processing place)? You get to ensure you meet all the stupid regulations and you can take as many shots as you like until you get one that doesn't look terrible. I seriously have no idea who keep passport photo booths/places in business still in the 21st century...
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all the stupid regulations

Like the one that mandates passport photos be taken by a registered commercial photographer and that the documentation of this is sent along with the photograph, like the Canadian government (Cite), for which this question is asked? Worst advice ever, for future people reading this thread.
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There is no requirement that the photos being asked about be taken by a commercial photographer.
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(Because they aren't passport photos.)
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We use epassportphotos when we applied for Indian visas without problem. So I would recommend giving it a shot.
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Response by poster: To follow up, I got the photos taken at Doi Camera, which took all of five minutes. The lady taking the photos waved away my guidelines, saying that they did these Canadian visa photos all the time. Guess she knew what she was doing as I got my visa with no problems. Thanks for the help!
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