29 things I like about you
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Fun/unique ways to present a list of things we like about a friend?

It's become a tradition amongst my friends to make a list of things we like about a person for their birthday (like 30 things for a 30th birthday). Usually we just go around in a circle naming things, but lately it's gotten more elaborate.

Today is my friend's 29th birthday and she REALLY likes this tradition. What fun/unique things could we do to or give her that would list the 29 things we like about her? Today is her actual birthday, but we won't be celebrating for a week, so we have time to make something.

We're a pretty silly group and the things we like about a person are usually about half serious/half funny.
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Big box with smaller boxes inside, each with a thing you like written on it.


Cross stitch, suitable for framing.

Wikipedia entry.
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Make little strips of paper with one thing each on them, and bake your own fortune cookies!
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Telephone pictionary! Nothing says "I like you" than trying to figure out how to someone is trying to say it with stick figures.
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Scavenger or puzzle hunt? (Successive little pieces of paper with thing from the list + clue to where the next one is hidden.) Or write them on post-it notes and "hide" them in her house in plain sight?
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Can you draw? Comic strip! 30 panels, with a little drawing representing the thing you like in each box.
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Write on little strips of paper and attach to Hershey kisses. Bonus points if you actually tuck them in so they look like the normal papers (or attach to them, for less handling of food).
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- Make your own Valentine's day style little heart candies with your "likes" written on them.

- A photo album with depictions of her good qualities. Get creative with fun scenes featuring the whole gang.

- During the course of your get together, use some sort of signal amongst yourselves to all simultaneously erupt in celebration whenever your friend exhibits one of her good traits. For instance, if she passes the salt to you at a restaurant, everyone should whoop and holler and declare how generous/considerate she is. You'll have to be on your guard at all times, though.
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A medieval herald/town herald who reads a proclamation declaring all the things you love about your friend.
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29 photos representing the things, plus the words in Flash or Soundslides on a Web site just for the purpose. Also hrow in a page for a guestbook/
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Write them on ballons that have to be inflated to be legible (i.e. inflate, write relatively small, then deflate before giving them to her). If you're really nice you could also give her an air pump so she doesn't run out of breath by #10.
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Put them on slips of paper, which you put into helium balloons. She pops them one by one.
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My friends always make a big poster, with signed photos from different people in the group, and get some markers for a nice "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (AMY)!" in the middle, and then frame this. It's pretty inexpensive, and then, they've always kept theirs up on the wall for the whole year! I recommend finding a way to show this visually, as another poster above mentioned, then putting it in a nice frame. Whenever your friend's in the blues, she can just look at the poster and be reminded of her special qualities. It's a great mood-lifter!
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Rolodex cards (in a Rolodex), with a bonus if you do it like an alphabet thread!
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May be too late, but I'd make a video a la this one.
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