Backup Outlook from Exchange?
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How can I back up my Outlook 2003 files kept on an exchange server to a thumb drive?

I know how to find and back up .pst files on my personal computer. Is there any way I can make a personal backup of my Outlook e-mail, contacts, etc. when they're stored on an exchange server? I don't want to lose this information if I should, say, no longer have access to my work e-mail for some reason.
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Copy them to a .pst, then copy the .pst to the thumb drive.
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What he said. Instructions.

Depending on how you "lose access", you could be violating laws by doing. All work email (ie - email written on company time) is typically owned by the company itself. I don't believe that anyone would care if all you did was save some personal stuff but it's something to be aware of if you're trying to download a contact database.
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Response by poster: Using the instructions in Burhanistan's link, I get "PST (Personal Storage) usage is disabled on this computer."

From anti social's Instructions link: "Look at the Deliver new e-mail to the following location option. If the option contains the word "Mailbox" followed by an e-mail name, Outlook stores data in folders on the Exchange Server. Contact the Exchange Server administrator for more information about how backups are handled." And yep, I've got "Mailbox: Joleta" and really don't want to contact the Exchange Server administrator.

Am I out of luck on this?
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joleta: why don't you ask the exchange server admin?
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Dev - I'm guessing the 'lose access' means "i won't be working here much longer".

Joleta - That error is what happens when your IT department doesn't want you doing what you're trying to do. Most likely they are restricting you with a group policy setting and in the places I've setup email servers, bypassing security restrictions are a good way to get IT and management in your business quickly and unpleasantly.

In addition to the workarounds above - You can copy items in and out of outlook drag-and-drop style to a thumbstick, but that's a terribly slow solution. You can also setup an outlook rule to forward your mails (new and old), and send out contacts as vcards to get your personal stuff out of there. Just watch that you don't fill up your mail quota as each copy counts as a new message (see above advice about deleteing sent items).

But honestly, if you're not doing anything shady with company property, the IT guys should be able to hook up with a PST if you ask. I've done it dozens of times for people leaving.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Anti. I guess I'll just ask. And no, I'm not leaving nor expecting to be shown the door any time soon. But I had just read an article suggesting that after getting the pink slip is the wrong time to decide it would be nice to have some of those contacts and e-mails.
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