Too lazy to make my own hand-made cards
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I'd like to buy a bunch of hand-made birthday cards so I'd have a stash of them at home and wouldn't have panicky last-minute card shopping trips to the mall/stationery shop. I've browsed Etsy, but it's so... big, and their search engine is not the best and I give up after scrolling 10 pages of search results. Please give me recommendations for your favorite Etsy card-makers/sellers!

Bonus points:
- located in or close to Slovenia and/or Croatia
- located in EU or having a low shipping fee for sending to EU
- accepting credit cards without Paypal (is that even possible on Etsy?)
- having a large stock (I'd prefer buying cards from only a few different sellers rather than buying one card from each of a zillion sellers)
- non-Etsy shops are also welcome, as long as they accept some form of credit card payment and ship to EU!
- my friends and family range from the old (80yrs) to the young (4yrs), from technical (IT geeks) to girly (think Sex & the city fans), so all kinds of cards are ok

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Looking at sellers I've bought from:

PickalaPoopa currently has nine cards for sale, ships anywhere and accepts credit cards without PayPal.

StoriesDivinations has 36 cards (they are blank inside, don't know if this a problem for you). Doesn't say she ships outside the US, Canada and Australia, but always worth asking - as I've bought from her she must have agreed to ship to UK at least once. She says contact her if you don't want to use PayPal.

You might try posting the same question on the Alchemy section of etsy.

Also, there's the MetaFilter Etsy team - Meta Etsy - discussed here. I don't immediately see any card sellers.

PS Thank you for the opportunity to waste some time on Etsy.
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Make your own using scrapbooking stuff and card stock.
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FWIW, most sellers on Etsy accept credit cards via PayPal, but you don't have to sign up for an actual PayPal account to process your card via PayPal -- you can just enter the card at the time.
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Best answer: One more - paperbreakfast.
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