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Looking for game suggestions, preferrably two player.

I am looking for some recommendations for games(flash/java games, or even ones that you install or pay for). The preferences are fast paced(but not necessarily) games- some favorite categories are puzzle/logic, trivia, or card/tile games.

Also, multiplayer is not essential, but preferred. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Can you give us some hints? Like, what kind of system do you have? Can you give examples of other games you like? Otherwise it's kind of hard to answer this question.
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It's old, but the You Don't Know Jack trivia series is still pretty fun. It used to be on cd-rom but it's online now.
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I have spent WAY too much time in the past week or so playing Plants vs Zombies by PopCap games. If you want it cheaper, buy it through Steam.

It's sort of a Tower Defense type game, but it's all just straight rows of zombies attacking your house, and you plant lots of different plants to defend against them. Great humor and fun and varied game play make it totally worth the $10 it cost me on Steam....
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As for two player games, do you have any consoles? Cause for PS3 I just recently played Pixeljunk's Monsters (not sure of the link, as it's blocked at work, I think it might just be the online manual) with two players, and it was a lot of fun! That's more of a classic Tower Defense game.
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Ticket to Ride (and actually many of the Days of Wonder computer games) may be what you're looking for: relatively simple eurogames with an emphasis on logic and card / hand management. Some are standalone, some are play on line. There are several sites devoted to playing these games online. The DoW stuff will involve paying, but the price isn't too great.
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I love Galcon, it's like Risk but faster (not turn based, and you don't need to set up the board). It's primary draw is multiplayer. PC or iPhone.

Also Castle Crashers for XBLA should entertain you for a long, long time. Think TMNT, for adults.
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And, to echo ATB Hooks, we could use some more hints. It sounds like you're looking for stuff for your computer. Windows? Do you want local or network multiplayer? Do you have a fast computer, and a fast internet connection?

I think Bomberman is one of the best electronic games ever. It's appeared in many forms over the years--you shouldn't have any trouble finding Flash or Java versions, and, if you're into emulators, almost every console since the 8-bit days has had at least one version.

I think Scrabble is one of the best games ever. It's appeared in many forms too--Lexulous and Internet Scrabble Club are two popular online versions (the latter much more accurate to the board game than the former).
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Lots of good suggestions in Simple fun online two-player games AskMe from February.
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This has been a hit with my friends and family for the longest time, for two or more players.
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