Windows or Unix Solution to Back Up DVD to CD-R
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I want to take a DVD and compress it so that it fits onto a single CDR (for backup purposes - don't have a DVD burner). What's the best app for this one task?
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Some detail might help. Is this a movie DVD? Assuming so, how much loss of quality are you prepared to accept? Do you have a preferred CD format (eg:SVCD, DivX file etc). Without some more information the task looks simply impossible.
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Yes, they will be movies. It's basically to back up a few DVDs which are heavily used so that there's something to fall back on in case they get scratched. An MPG file of around 700MB is the preferred destination...

Ideally, I'd like to be able to say to the program: give me a 700MB MPG from *this* DVD, then *this* one, etc, and let the program do the conversion for me.
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You might be interested in DVD2VCD.
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Is it safe to guess that you're using Windows to do this? Last I looked, people used Gordian Knot (or rather AutoGK) for XviD backup, but I haven't really been keeping track of this stuff lately.

Mac OSX users can probably get by with something like Handbrake.
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Windows would be easiest but a *nix solution is okay if it works consistently.

grouse, that looks perfect. Have installed and played with the menus and it seems to be just what I need. I'll test over the w/end.
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If *nix is ok, be sure to check out dvd::rip. I rip DVD's with it all the time, it's great. It lets you select the type and size of the target file (e.g. 700MB xvid/avi) and figures the technical stuff out on its own.
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I use a combination of FairUse and Nero. The quality of the files produced is excellent, although the software is a bit flaky.
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I second gordian knot - check out
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You'll get better quality video from using DIVX and Gordian Knot than any S/VCD program if you only want to use one
CD. You can use several CDs and break the movie into parts and play the S/VCDs on your DVD player if you want.
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For all things ripping and burning from 'x' format to 'y' format, check out
Best resource I've ever found.
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Thanks all... appreciate the input.
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