Help me listen to a movie
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Is there a service where I can download the sound track (dialogue, not the score) for a movie?

I thought I remembered seeing an online service a few years ago where you could download a movie's sound track. I'm not talking about the score, but rather the dialogue and the sound of a movie. Kind of like a book on tape, but instead, it's a "movie on tape."

I know it sounds weird, but I like to take walks with my iPod and "listen" to a movie instead of watching it.

Does that make sense?
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Best answer: Listen to a Movie
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Response by poster: Perfect! That's it!

Of course, now I need to figure out a way of downloading the clipfile so I can listen to it on my iPod. But this is a great start. Thanks!
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Launch the audio player, then view the page source. You'll then be able to see the full path to the MP3 file. Download. Enjoy.
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