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Looking for an anecdote -- possibly on MetaFilter, possibly elsewhere -- about someone's roommate connecting with her deceased father through music.

Within the last few years, I read a curious heartwarming story online that affected even my flinty heart. I thought it was on MeFi somewhere (I lurked for years before ponying up my five bucks last August) but I am having no luck finding it. Maybe it was elsewhere... still, Google hath availed me naught.

This is something like the occasional "Identify this book/movie" questions in that some of the deatils are fuzzy, but I will recount it to the best of my recollection.

It was written by, I believe, a Gen-X woman. At some point in the last twenty years, she had been talking to her roommate about music and the writer had recommended the Doors' first album to the roommate. The roommate had had a listen and found it a mixed bag, but hadn't listened all the way through. Specifically, she had felt tired after listening to the third song, "The Crystal Ship," and turned off the stereo to have a nap. A few days later, the roommate tried again but again found "The Crystal Ship" made her tired. Weirdly, this happened again, and always at the sanme point: "The Crystal Ship." (The song in question, by the way, is pretty sedately paced and arguably more melodic than anything else on the album.)

The roommate mentioned this strange sleepy reaction to one Doors song to her mother and her mother blurted out, "The Crystal Ship?" The roommate was startled by this, and the mother told the roommate daughter that her father (who had died when the roommate daughter was very young) had sung "The Crystal Ship" to his infant daughter as a lullaby. Now grown up, she was still conditioned to want to go to sleep when she heard the song.

Ring any bells?
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