Who painted this Italian Painting?
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What can you tell me about this Italian painting?

I took this photo in 2004 while in Urbino Italy, but know nothing about the painting other than I thought it was awesome. I wish I knew who the artist is, so I could try and find out what else he/she has painted.
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Do you remember where in Urbino you were? Was it a church, a museum?

The painting is a David and Goliath, which should narrow it down a bit, but it's a very common subject matter (i.e., almost every painter worth his salt those days would have painted at least one version of it).
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Perseus, actually. It doesn't come up on a GIS. It actually looks like a modern, third rate copy of the statue. Obviously not in a museum with an ashtray that close!!
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On second view, I think katemonster is right. The picture was blurry enough to make me think it looked more like Medusa's head on first view. Still I have to say it must be a contemporary painting due to the ashtray/garbage can.
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I don't think it's Perseus- the head he's holding up looks male, not the female medusa.

I do agree that it's probably a modern painting. There's no frame. It's also hard to tell because the photo is fuzzy, but the imprecise alignment of the figure's neck and head, along with the curious facial expression, make me doubt it's a true Italian Renaissance piece.
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David, not Perseus. That's definitely Goliath's head, with the wound from the sling stone in the center of the forehead. Also, no winged sandals or mirror shield.

Donatello and Michelangelo both did naked David sculptures (Donatello's has boots and an extremely stylish hat) but this painting definitely looks later than Renaissance. 1500s, 1600s? You've intrigued me. I'll do some more searching.
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(and yes, it's definitely a print or a copy, not an actual 500-year-old painting. But I want to find the original.)
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Response by poster: Things are fuzzy, since it was 4 years ago... so these points may not be very clear...

... but if I recall, I think it was in a part of Palazzo Ducale - off to the right side, beside the entrance. no fee to get in this area. I think it may have been a showing of a series of paintings by the same artist.

I am pretty certain it was a modern painting - I also thought it wasn't a copy of something older, but an original painting by the artist.
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It almost looks like a mix of several paintings. In your photo, the head of Goliath looks exactly like the one in Caravaggio's painting. David also looks very familiar, but I can't place it. It's almost like the artist mixed elements of several paintings into one?
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