Tell me about Black Friday killer deals.
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Consumer filter. Tomorrow is black friday. What killer deals are there tomorrow morning?
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200 gig hard drive for 50 bucks after rebates @ OfficeMax (long Island, NY).

I've heard tell of big things unadvertised from Apple.
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$17.77 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 DVD at Target. (Also, Simpsons Season 4 and Family Guy Seasons 1 & 2 for the same price.)

Also, read Fat Wallet. Black Friday 2004 even has downloadable ad scans.

Anyone know where I can get discounted perfume online without being ripped off by a counterfeit, or should I just bag it and pay full price at a local department store? (If you need specifics, Chanel No. 5.)
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Best answer: This seems like a pretty good list.
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Buy your city’s principle newspaper, and you’ll find all the mall/department store deals in the advertisements. Even in todays newspaper (Thanksgiving), there were plenty, so i imagine tomorrow will be saturated.
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That Black Friday 2004 link above is awesome. Everything in a database, sortable by price.
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So obviously it is too late to point out any really killer deals now, but I figured I would post anyway. I decided that I was going to get up really early this morning and go to Best Buy to take advantage of the deals from the newspaper (160GB Western Digital HD for $30? Count me in!). I have never done this before, so when I showed up at 6:00 and saw the line stretched fully around the store, I freaked. I came straight back home and did my shopping online. But it got me thinking, why do people do this at all? It was in the 20's when I got there and some of these people must have been there for hours. What gives?
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People do it to save money. The real problem is that those doorbuster-type deals are extremely limited (like your hard drive, or the $199 eMachines computer deal), so if you want them, you have to line up. I lucked out because I just happened to get to Target as the end of the pre-opening lineup was entering the store. I saved about $70 on the DVD sets I bought this morning and it only took me about a half hour all told.

On another level, there are some types that enjoy being part of the excitement.
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Although I understand that sometimes you have to actually be at the store to get the discount, I came home and got the exact same deal online. My original thought was that it would be easier to just go out there since I live so close, but I couldn't imagine waiting in that line.

On another level, there are some types that enjoy being part of the excitement.

Yikes, losers! ;)
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It's only 7 am still where I'm at, but I live about 30 minutes from the main chainstores, so I think I'll sit it out and wait for an online rebate deal. It's not worth three hours of driving and shopping, etc. to save 50 bucks. I may swing by radio shack because I doubt they'll be crazy-crowded.

Just thought I'd share.
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For us non-USians: can anyone explain what black friday is (I never heard of it, seems quite recent)? And, er, this friday, it vibrates?
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Black Friday is the traditional kickoff of the christmas holiday season.

Because most Americans have off from work today, it being the day after a holiday, stores put on crazy sales and such to attract people, often opening extremely early and stocking very limited quantities.

Also, the name comes from the fact that it's supposedly the day that retail stores start making a profit - coming out of the red, and into the black.
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Also, the name comes from the fact that it's supposedly the day that retail stores start making a profit - coming out of the red, and into the black.

If you've ever worked retail, you'd know the real reason its called Black Friday.
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Mkay, anastasiav: spill it.
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It should be obvious why -- the store is full of cranky people who haven't got enough sleep and probably won't get the cheap item they came for. Not a pleasant working environment.
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I'm pretty sure that it being called Black Friday has little or nothing to do with stores margins going into the black as most retail stores post profits in every quarter.

As someone who has now worked retail through seven of them it's because it's one of the extra crazy days. Fortunately, our store wasn't especially busy and most people were nice.
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And the myth about "Black Friday" is that it's the busiest shopping day of the year, which it's not. The two Saturdays before Christmas and Christmas Eve are busier.

(Also, my roommate wanted me to mention that I like pie. And pi.)
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