Does an application exist that will allow you to change the exif data of a jpeg photos make and model??
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Does an application exist that will allow you to change the exif data of a jpeg photos make and model?? I have tried 10 applications today and none of them work. If one exist could you please tell me what it is. The only one I didnt try yet is adobe lightroom.

I have an iphone the only way to keep the exif data stating it is an iphone is to use the built in camera application. I put 3 different apps like darkroom etc on and they remove that exif data and a lot more from the photo, so I would like an application to just add the make and model in so when I upload it to flickr it will have the apple iphone exif data show up. thanks for any help
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jhead lets you do a whole lot of exif manipulation, including transplanting exif information from one image to another -- so as long as you still have your original image, you can edit the copy, then transplant the exif info from the original to the edited version.
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Pretty sure you need a separate EXIF editor. There's lots out there and most should let you edit basically every field.
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Response by poster: could you name some of them?
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Exiftool is what I use; it's a perl script.
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Best answer: And a comprehensive front-end for ExifTool is ExifTool GUI. I personally use Exifmixer quite a bit, which can be slow at times, but allows you to mix and match presets--great if you're a film photographer (so you can swap in and out keywords/make & models for camera bodies, lenses, film types, developer into the metadata).
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I've been using Reveal.

Hobbes, there's another GUI for exiftool called Filmtagger which might make you a convert, it was designed with film users in mind.
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I still use Exifer, which is freeware (postcardware, actually), but the new software from the same guy is Geosetter , still freeware but more ambitious. It uses the exiftool GUI mentioned by hobbes.
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Response by poster: AHHHH thank you so much hobbes the exif tool gui did the trick. I had tried exiftool tool before but couldn't for the life of me figure out the commands and contexts you had to use so I gave up
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Response by poster: also thanks everyone else. I will try out some of the programs you posted that I haven't already tried and see how they work.
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