2 ladies, 1 baby, Monroe, NC; What to do?
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Monroe, NC Filter: What to 2 ladies do next week 5/17-22 in Monroe; NC with an infant?

I will be visiting my cousin (first time mom & new to town) in Monroe, NC next week; May 17-22, who has a young infant (breastfeeding, not quite on a set schedule of eating and sleeping). We would like to get out of the house with the babes a few hours a day or evening to a few fun, fresh places. All that said; please suggest your hidden treasures, must see, best kept secrets for the Monroe NC area, all the while; baby friendly (clean changing stations & no googly eyes if the baby starts fussing).
I would like to stay close, less than 20 mile radius; including Monroe, Wesley Chapel, Weddington and Matthews.
Some things we would love are farmers markets, historic landmarks, outdoor cafe/coffee houses, places/food unique to NC or the Charlotte area, gardens.
Thanks in advance!
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Yikes, not a huge lot to do in Monroe.

Lots of antique shops in Waxhaw.

The most well-known gardens are outside your 20-mile range (Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens are in Belmont, in Gaston County, to the west of Charlotte.

Matthew has a nice farmers market, coffee shops.

If you can get into Charlotte, go to the Plaza-Midwood/Central Avenue neighborhood for some good, funky restaurants (Penguin, Thomas St. Tavern, Zada Jane's).
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Wolfman Pizza in the Ballantyne Commons Plaza off Providence Road has quirky, build-your-own California style pizza and/or sandwiches in an outdoor cafe style setting. East Charlotte, less than 20 miles from Monroe.
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I used to live in Monroe. There is, indeed, not a lot to do there. I'll do my best to help, though!

The antique shops in the area are really fun - there are a few in town (the best one is downtown) and the aforementioned Waxhaw has several. Waxhaw also offers some cute little cafes and stores and isn't too far away. Waxhaw's website says that they will be having a civil war reenactment in downtown on the 17th. This may be something to either attend or avoid, depending on your taste.

Matthews has a fairly large shopping center not far from 485. There are lots of good places to eat up there, too. The shopping center is mostly a grouping of big-box stores, both retail and clothing.

I enjoyed walking around downtown Monroe and taking pictures. There isn't a lot there anymore, but it's fairly picturesque and quiet. The locals are crazy over a cafe there called "The Oasis." I never got the appeal, but it's worth noting.

They used to do live music downtown in the summer every Thursday night. It looks like they still do.

Farmer's Market - never been, so can't comment on it.

Favorite food in town, not necessarily local flavor, but good: Koumi Express (Japanese), Cook Out (drive-in style food, definitely try the cream pie shakes - I swear they put a whole slice of pie in a cup with ice cream and mix it together), Jersey Mike's Subs, Monterrey Mexican Restaurant, and Sagebrush Steakhouse. There are a few coffeehouses listed in the restaurant directory. I didn't drink coffee while I lived there, so I don't know much about them.

If I think of anything else, I'll post again, or if you have any questions you can MeMail me. Monroe seems a little backwards compared to Matthews, which is thriving, and Charlotte which is becoming more urban and sophisticated every day. I think it's a charming little town, though, and I hope you like it.
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