I'm looking for a comparable replacement for a friend's Voodoo Envy laptop, and I desperately, desperately need help.
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I'm looking for a comparable replacement for a friend's Voodoo Envy laptop, and I desperately, desperately need help.

So, I had a medication-induced psychotic episode that resulted in me tossing my roommate's laptop out of our second-story window, jumping out the window after it, and proceeding to smash it into unusable bits with my fists. Now that I'm lucid and off the medication, I'd like to replace the laptop (and maybe sue my psychiatrist, but that's another issue altogether). I don't really have much money, but I'm willing to drop a decent amount of cash for this, since I'm pretty horrified about what I did and my roommate has been incredibly understanding and patient about the whole ordeal.

She doesn't really remember all of the specs, but we have some information. The laptop was an orange, 15.4 in Voodoo M-Class with an Athlon 64 3200+ processor, ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 graphics card, and a 60 gig hard drive. I think that she paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000 when she purchased it in 2005.

I've been trying to find a company that sells pre-painted gaming laptops, but it seems that both Alienware and Voodoo only make them in black nowadays, and I'm not even sure that Voodoo actually makes gaming computers anymore. My roommate really, really loved the computer, and was especially proud of the paint job. I want to be able buy her a new laptop that is to 2009 what hers was to 2005 while retaining the sweet pearly orange look. I suggested that we buy an Alienware laptop and just paint it ourselves, but she doesn't seem too sure about my ability to not make it look like utter crap. Are there anymore companies that make custom-colored gaming laptops? If not, is it possible to get a professional-looking paint job for a laptop somewhere?
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Check out Falcon Northwest's Fragbook DRX, they do custom paint jobs and it's a totally badass laptop. Unfortunately it's insanely expensive... worth checking out though.
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It looks like Dell's "Design Studio" will be happy to sell you a bling-bling laptop.
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Colorware paints PCs.
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On the bright side, it was a fairly old laptop so you could still get one nicer than her old one for less than what she paid back in the day.

Smooth Creations has several predesigned paint schemes for noteboooks/desktops and sells full systems on their site. They also do custom paint jobs for a little extra. From poking around it looked like you could get a system equivalent to those Falcon Northwests for about $1000 less.
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Are you sure that she wants another orange laptop? Check with her and see whether she wants a replacement with comparable specs or whether it's more important to have the color. This could greatly simplify your task!
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