Moab filter: bike rental?
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Any recommended bike rental shops in Moab (for next week)? Google turns up many places to rent but if you have good/bad experiences or suggestions, please share.
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I didn't rent bikes there, I bought some stuff, but the one that's centrally located in the City Market parking lot seemed pretty good. Also, the one on the north end of town on the west side of the street (Poison Spider Cyclery?) is another one that (again, just from a random visit to buy a few spare parts) seems good and I think it has showers, which would be useful if you're camping (ah, on preview, you have to buy tokens for it, so it might not make a difference).
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I had a great experience with Poison Spider. By the time we hit Moab (coming from Baltimore) everyone needed a pretty major tune-up, and they did an excellent and not-too-expensive job. Friendly staff, great selection of parts and assorted gear. Best gel selection West of the Mississippi, IIRC.

Moab: so much fun on a bike!
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I have unfortunately forgotten the name of the place I rented from. However, I do have one tip: don't forget to bring your camelback. I did, and was left with the two water bottles that fit on the bike for hydration. I didn't think it would be an issue, but learned the hard way that Moab is much more arid, much higher in elevation, much more exposed (no shade) and much warmer than what I am used to. I never really understood what leg cramps were until I ran out of liquids on this ride.
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