Curly cutter wanted in LA
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Can anyone recommend a great hairstylist in Los Angeles who is particularly talented at cutting very curly hair?

I am a woman who wears her hair in short, in natural ringlets, and I haven't been able to find a decent hairstylist in LA yet who actually knows how to cut very curly hair without making me look like a poodle.

I'm looking for names of specific hairstylists, along with the salons where they work. Bonus if it's a salon on the Westside of Los Angeles.

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I'm a guy with v. curly hair, and I had a cut I liked once from Dee at Shorty's on Fairfax in WeHo.
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I've never had my hair cut in L.A., but the website Naturally Curly has a directory of salons with readers' reviews ... I found a decent curl-savvy stylist in Portland this way.
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If you're willing to come up to Santa Barbara, Mimi at Walter Claudio is SB's curly cut guru.
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Best answer: Try Kory over at Planet Salon on Robertson.
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Best answer: It's amazing how clueless so many trained hairstylists are with curly hair, isn't it? My guy is Chuck DiMaria at Old Glory Barbershop in Venice. His prices are super low for L.A., too (I usually get out of there for around $60/70, including a generous tip), the atmosphere is great, and even though you can't make an appointment in advance, the waits are shorter than places where I had to book times weeks ahead. Just call the day you want to go to make sure he'll be in.

In Beverly Hills, there is also Batia and Aleeza. I got a great cut from them, it's true, but it was about $200, I spent a lot of time waiting, got shuffled around between 2 or 3 techs for shampooing, etc (and then had to sit and wait with drying wet hair), and got a really hard sell on their expensive products that were slathered into my hair at the end. Products that really dried me out and made my hair very crunchy. I wouldn't ever go there again, Chuck has my devotion, but another option couldn't hurt.
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My hair is more wavy than curly, but still, I've gotten good cuts from Barbara at Fandango Salon (Silverlake).
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I don't know SoCal, but if you are near Santa Monica or Palm Desert you will like OUIDAD Salons and hair care products.
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