How to auto-bcc in Outlook 2003 for free?
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Can I auto-bcc in outlook 2003 without paying? I recently had to switch from Thunderbird to Outlook at work. I've been bcc:ing everything for a couple of years to my gmail, which has been great, but of course it isn't as easy in Outlook. I've seen a few pieces of software to do it for $25 or so, but would love to find a way for cheaper or for free. Any advice? Thanks!
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I haven't been able to find a pre-built solution for this, but what about this alternative approach: run a script that periodically bounces everything from your "Sent" mail over to GMail. Outlook supports VBA scripting; there may be a script out there.
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You don't have to script anything. You can use the built in auto archiving rules to do this for you. The drawback is you get a Forward in your box instead of an original.
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If you hook your Gmail account into Outlook via IMAP, you can then just periodically drag and drop everything from your local Sent folder into the IMAP "[Gmail]/Sent Items" folder (or the Gmail Inbox or whatever other Gmail folder you want to use for this stuff).

Of course, this won't work if your workplace idiotically blocks outbound connections on port 993, as mine does.
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You can use tools:rules to automatically cc: an address, but for bcc: here's some pretty simple directions.
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I assume krudiger's workplace is fine with this since the forwarding has been happening previously. For others interested in autocc'ing to personal accounts - if you're doing this at a workplace where they have to abide by legal privacy rules, retention periods, etc. (and your last name is not Palin) this can get you fired (see: MediaDefender).
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There is a way to do this for free with VB scripting; I have it set up at work. I will look and see if I can find it.
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Found it! I used method #2 here. It took a couple of restarts to start working. (Sorry for the delay.)
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