What scholarships are available for law/business school?
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Scholarships/Fellowships for a law/business student interested in entrepreneurship and the environment.

In September, I will begin getting a joint degree at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School (JD/MBA). I am very excited about this. The only problem is the cost - tuition alone is about $45,000/year, and the program is 4 or 5 years long. My mother is disabled and my family will not be able to contribute at all.

I am looking for fellowships or scholarships which could help me pay for this. I have already applied for financial aid through Harvard, which is only paying for part of it.

I am very interested in entrepreneurship, particularly environmental or social entrepreneurship. I tried to start a clean energy company after graduating from college, but it did not work. I am going to grad school to help make my next company a success.

I plan to apply for scholarships throughout the year, so don't worry if the deadline has already passed.
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I'm sure you've seen this but if not, check it out.
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Your best bet is working through the financial aid process. I'd look into the RoI for attending your programs.
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Community of Science is a useful database to search for funding opportunities (especially the keyword search). I don't know what's freely available as my uni pays for access, but I was able to set up a couple of regular searches and I get regular emails with new funding opportunities. In a cursory search, it looks like law and business opportunities can be found there.
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