Website that categorizes songs by genre and keyword?
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Is there a website that lets you search for songs by emotion? i.e. I want to find songs in [genre] that relate to [emotion].

Googling hasn't turned up anything good, not even mixtape communities or anything like that. Do you know of any mixtape communities that let you search by keyword, or databases that categorize by emotion?

I am specifically looking for songs relating to guilt, of the rock/indie/punk/etc ilk.

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Best answer: All Music Guide categorizes songs by mood. I don't see "guilt" there, but you might be able to find something similar.
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Response by poster: Two very cool resources, though the first track listed on that list is a tad... odd. Thanks, both. Looking forward to more websites!
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I don't have a site to help you, but searching the word [lyrics] + any guilt-related words like [guilt, guilty, sorry, apologize, apologies, hangdog, blame, betray, betrayal, betrayed, etc.] might yield some useful responses.

Nirvana's All Apologies and Nine Inch Nails' Hurt come to mind.
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You need the Green Book of Songs. I've only used the dead tree version, but it looks like you can search the database online for a small yearly fee. I use it at work to find songs on all sorts of themes, and it's never failed me yet.
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Best answer: has a search function where you can look at mixes by theme, but not really by emotional content. I have found it particularly useful to look at people's "breakup" mixes though, for things like this.
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Musicovery also offers a mood / genre search. I am not sure how to place "guilt" on their mood map, though.
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The iTunes store has iTunes Essentials that have some mood music.
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Response by poster: Ah ha, Art of the Mix was the mixtape website I was thinking of.

Thanks, all! I have lots to explore.
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