Anyone here familiar with Zbig Rybczynski's work? Recommendations?
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I just saw an amazing short film/music video on the Arts network called "Stairway to Lenin," by director Zbig Rybczynski, and am considering buying one or more of his DVDs. Any Mefites familiar with his work?
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I remember seeing his "Steps" parody on PBS a number of years ago.

Maurizio Nichetti's own spoof, The Icicle Thief, is often compared to Rybczynski's work.
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He's awesome. If the collection called MEDIA is still available, I highly recommend it. I have it on VHS.
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Anyone who was a teenager in the late '80s wil undoubtedly remember Rybczynski's distinctly experimental music videos for Art of Noise, Simple Minds, and Pet Shop Boys.
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He's great. I'd recommend it. I was also introduced to his work by "Stairway to Lenin", which is part of his piece "The Orchestra." I saw it on Classic Arts Showcase when I was in college and was riveted.
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