Dog poop dilemma!
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Is there any type of enzyme or pet-safe chemical that I can spray on dog poop to help it to degrade?

I searched ASK for this and found a bunch of different scenarios. Here is my complex scenario: my neighbors have two mean pit bulls. MEAN PIT BULLS. Most likely, the dogs are being mated so there will be more dogs soon.

I cannot go in their yard safely. The dogs poop all over the gravel covered yard and the owners will not clean up the mess (I have talked to them in the past). As you can imagine, it stinks. Further, the number of flies that are attracted and spawn are nuts. As the weather in Chicago gets warmer, my problem will get worse.

In the past, I have used the hose to spray all of the poop down. This helps somewhat but it takes a bunch of time to do. I'd really like to find some sort of chemical agent that can be used via a sprayer-attachment on my garden hose that would speed up the process. I don't know if this product exists though.

Obviously, nothing hazardous to the dogs or me. Any thoughts hive mind?
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The dogs poop all over what, a common area? or their own yard?
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It is all over their yard. The neighbors will not pick up or clean up the poop.
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And you're suggesting that you should enter their yard, without t heir consent, and spray something on it? This does not sound good. Maybe there's some kind of local agency to call?
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Not enter their yard. Spray the hose into their yard from my yard. I have done it before but want to find some sort of agent to add to the spray.

No local agency that could do anything but bring anything but grief to my life.
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If you have been spraying the hose into their yard, have you already acquired the highest-pressure spray nozzle you can find? Using high water pressure to pulverize the nasty poops should make them disappear well enough, without resorting to a chemical solution.
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The neighbors will not pick up or clean up the poop.

Sounds like a problem for your local Animal Control agency. Dogs should not be living in their own poop. This is not only your problem, it is also the dog's problem.
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Seconding Kuuj. Unmanaged pet waste washes into the water supply and carries a fine for the owner not disposing in the trash these days. At least in Calizonia it does.
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No local agency that could do anything but bring anything but grief to my life.

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You need to call city hall. These people at least need to be on the local authority's radar.

If you decide to continue spraying the dogshit with water, I suggest spraying it up toward your neighbors' doorstep.

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You can try Odormute. At the very least, it can be applied with a hose-end sprayer.
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Oh, I agree you should be calling authorities as well. At the very least, an agency where you can anonymously complain about the smell. It's got to be affecting more neighbors than you alone, so there's no way for anyone to know who calls.
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I am not your lawyer. As a legal matter, though, spraying a hose at someone's yard is likely some form of trespass, just as entering it yourself would be. (Put it this way: If you threw rocks on to your neighbor's lawn without permission, you'd have a problem on your hands, even if you never stepped a foot on to his property.)

So, as others have said here, you've got to go to the authorities.
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Well, to all, thanks. I did call Animal Control. I will look at the Odormute solution.

I appreciate everyone's faith in the system. Mine kind of petered out after the city failed me and I got stuck in limbo. In doing my civic duty to shut down my neighborhood heroin ring--I also got caught up in all kinds of payback--the end result was that I was stuck in a potential bribe scam with the former head of the buildings department. Ultimately--he went to jail--I had to provide renovation to my building to the tune of $32,000.

This is why I am gunshy of the City. Anyone interested in my harrowing tale can send me a Mefi mail.

Again, thanks to everyone.
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Chicago government. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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Wow, surprising number of people seem to be putting their faith in the Chicago machine, today.

Seriously, though, a little glad-handing with your alderman could very well get this whole issue put to bed, especially a month or so before elections.

Afterward, of course, you will fulfill your end with some nice, big "Vote Dem" signs.
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Whoop, should have previewed, zippy knows the score.
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