Combat Boots
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Is anybody out there familiar with different brands and styles of combat boots? I'm looking for a pair of insulated boots (preferably with gortex) that either come in women's sizes or very small (5) men's sizes. Top of my list right now is the Matterhorn 1997 model, basically because it's the only boot I've been able to find that fits the above description. I also like the Corcoran Field Boot, but I'm worried it won't be warm. And I can't afford Danner.
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I'm very fond of terra boots. I wasn't able to get their women's police/military section to open just now, but they have a number of mens boots in size 6 that you might be willing to check out... They used to make a boot called the combat II, but I wasn't able to find it on the site. Reasonable prices, as well.

A note on the navigation; there are some arrows up above the columns of boots, I didn't see them at first. Kind of sloppy.
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Please tell me you're someone's mother.
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Don't worry about the Goretex. Goretex doesn't hold up at all well to the conditions found in footwear (deluges of dirty water and grit, and unable to give them a hot washing and extra-hot drying). Any extra you pay for Goretex will be pissed away within months: it's not a matter of if it will fail, but how quickly.
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Does it have to be military? If you just want something in an aggro style, you could try the
Lehigh NuGuard 75. A number of law enforcement agencies wear Lehighs as part of their riot gear.
The Sketchers Buckhorn is another imposing shit-kicker, while the River Road Double Zipper
Field Boot
comes in a helljumper/paratchute trooper's style.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I'll be checking out your suggestions later today!

(And no, I'm not anybody's mother, Capn. Not sure I get the implication, either.)
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It's an old, old form of double-edged insult; "Your mother wears combat boots" implied someone's mom was a hardass who frequently slept with soldiers.

As you could imagine, the catchphrase ended up losing its relavance during the heyday of punk.
(Though I'm not sure if that'll stop you from kicking Capn to the curb!)
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Response by poster: Yeah, I realized the reference as I was leaving the house, and went "Duh." And then I went "I'm such an asshole." And now I'm back to declare both of these things.

Sorry, Capn. Pre-coffee brain fart.
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