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Reason4 using two MIDI controllers. When I lock either of them to a particular device, that controller's MIDI input disappears. Help!

I'm trying to get two control surfaces (a MicroKorg and an M-Audio Oxygen8, both USB) to work on an iBookG4, with the Oxygen8 locked to an NN-XT and the MicroKorg controlling whichever device is selected on the sequencer.

Currently both devices are deliviering MIDI data, but they both head to whichever device is selected in the sequencer window, and they both play the same device.

When I right-click on the NNXT and select 'Lock (Oxygen8) to This Device,' the MIDI signal from the controller totally disappears. Same problem when I try the Korg. Unlock it, and the signal reappears.

I've tried setting one to 'Master Keyboard', then the other, then neither.

I've tried right-clicking on the devices in the rack and selecting lock, and also going through the Options menu.

I've tried deleting one device, and locking the single device left to the NN-XT. MIDI input still disappears.

I'm somewhat at a loss here. Any pointers or advice appreciated.
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not sure how to do it; i effed around with reason way back when it first came out. however my advise to you would be to change your title, i had no idea this was a question about music software when i saw it in my rss, and somebody that might be able to help you may otherwise skip reading this. i thought it was about a logic question, or philosophy (not Logic, the software, obviously).
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That's a weird problem - targeted keyboards work fine for me in R4. Try the forums at for more specific info.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys.

Got it working in the end using this method - Thanks for the help guys. Titling incompetence noted for future, fumbducker, cheers.
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