Auto login not working?
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Something new about FF / noscript / adblock? Suddenly I am never automatically logging in to my usual sites.

I haven't changed any settings, but I do allow the (frequent) noscript and adblock auto updates to happen.

Within the last week or so, suddenly I am constantly having to login to places - even with asking FF to remember the password, checking the "automatically log me in" boxes on forums, etc. etc. This behaviour is kind of a pain in the ass.

Any ideas you can think of that might be causing this?
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Noscript and ABP have been feuding FYI. I don't use noscript, so can't tell if you're doing it wrong, but maybe things will sort themselves out soon.
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Best answer: Is it FF 3.0.9, by chance? Try this.
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Best answer: I am 3.0.10, but bingo, it is the same problem!

Just for posterity's sake: the naughty file is named cookies.sqlite, in your user/settings/mozilla folder or similar. Find it, delete it, and you are good to go.
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Do you use CCleaner? The newest version treats signons.txt as a temp file rather than what it is, so you can't store login information for sites. The developers have been uncharacteristically slow to fix this.
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Wish this was posted last week...I had the exact same problem on FF 3.0.10....
Creating a new profile worked, but it was a pain in the ass to re-do all my settings.

oh well.
Glad to find I'm not alone.
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This happened to me along with a few recent FF updates. After using my google-fu for a bit too long at work, I came across this on Mozilla's support site.

Basically, close all instances of FF, navigate to your profile folder and delete the "cookie.sqlite" file. Restart FF and aside from possibly having to login to everything one more time, you should be good to go.
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Sorry...should spent a little longer at work reading Meatbomb's post.
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