U3 - shoot me now!
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I have two U3 "smart" drives. I find the pop-up windows they generate on insertion into a USB port incredibly annoying. How do I get rid of the damn U3 mojo?

I have repeatedly deleted all system files off of these things, and even going back to DOS shows nothing left... so why does the damn system keep coming back each time like a rotting, fetid, stenching zombie? Where is it coming from? How can I rid myself of this once and for all? I simply want nice blank USB flash drives, is all... Even when I go in to manage the disk from the systray icon (which shouldn't be there anyway if the frigging system is gone!) and select DELETE PROGRAM it keeps coming back. Sure, I could use other drives, but I don't like being stymied by a crappy little piece of plastic. Any advice before this eats my braaaaaaaaaains?
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Check to make sure, but when I uninstalled U3 it had to reformat the USB drive. Just a warning.
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Best answer: U3 Remover.
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These things come with a very small read-only partition (IIRC it identifies itself as a CDROM drive) which contains the U3 software. As mentioned above, you need to use their removal utility to change this.
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Response by poster: Bingo, odinsdream -- thanks!
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Response by poster: And everyone else -- appreciated.
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I consider an essential security precaution on XP boxes to be getting the TweakUI powertoy and turning of autorunning for all drives. So far as I know, this will take care of the U3 menace.
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