Tea, please?
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Looking for a good tea shop around Princeton, NJ. Any suggestions? I'm willing to drive a good distance, though a shorter drive is preferable.
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Just go to Whole Foods and Wegman's. Both have tons of good teas.
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Oh, do you mean a cafe? Or a place to purchase tea to brew yourself?
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Best answer: Bon Appetit in the Harrison Street Shopping Center has lots of fancy teas and things.
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Response by poster: Thanks amro, but I'm really looking for a tea shop specifically. I frequent Whole Foods and Wegman's and I like their teas, but I'm looking for that little family-owned store where I can find other people who like tea, along with neat tea accessories.

In short, it's not just about the tea, it's about the culture.

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Response by poster: A little of both, amro. A cafe that also has a store attached, or just stuff for sale, would be awesome.
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Best answer: Kitchen Kapers in Nassau Square has a good selection. Googling shows some place called Jaya teas, but they appear to be web only. Also, you might be interested in the Tea Room Guide for NJ.
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Seconding Bon Appetit. Also, the natural foods store at the corner of Nassau and Harrison has some, I think. You might also try Small World on Witherspoon -- the big popular cafe, though I always found it kind of annoying. There at least used to be a place called Holsum Tea or something like that, also on Witherspoon, but the other side of the street from Small World.
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Best answer: The tea guide lists Holsome Tea and herbs at 27 Witherspoon. There is one review and it appears quite favorable. I personally have not been to thes tea shop, but now i might have to make the trip.
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Response by poster: Thanks caddis, Holsome looks like it's exactly what I'm looking for. Going there after work today!
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There's a little shop in New Hope, PA called Cupteavity. Definitely family-owned (or at least a small business), you can buy loose teas or have a cup brewed, lots of accessories and tea paraphernalia.
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Yes, Holsome is where you should go.
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