How Do I Set Up a Frequent Buyer Program for a Retailer?
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Where do I look (web site, trade association, etc.) to get information on setting up a frequent buyer/member program for a retailer?

Many retailers have membership programs for their customers (members) that enables the retailer to offer discounts, send coupons (via mail or email) and track purchase history by scanning in a barcoded card at the time of purchase. (The physical membership card tends to be the size of a credit card to keep in a wallet or small so that it fits on a key ring. Often, the membership information can also used on the retailer's web site to receive the same benefits.)

I'm looking for information on how to set up such a program for a local retailer with multiple storefronts.
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If it helps, the term you want to google is probably "loyalty management".
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My brother works for a company that does this as a "back office" function for other companies. I think another term is "affinity marketing." Send me a MeFi Mail and I will tell you their name.
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