Can I use a standard 3.5mm headset with the Xbox 360 if I have a 2.5mm adapter?
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Is it possible to use a standard headset with the XBox 360 if I snag a 2.5mm adapter? More inside.

So, I lost my XBox 360 headset a while ago. That was fine for a long time, I wasn't really playing much and almost never online. Now, for a variety of reasons, I'm playing online semi-frequently and not having a headset is really bumming me out. I poked around online and found the pack-in set for 20 bucks and while I guess that's fine, I have an absolutely functional headset here at work I'd like to use.

It's a standard headset, 3.5mm jacks for mic-in and audio-out. I know the controller on the 360 only accepts the 2.5mm sub-micro for something and then has weird plugs on the left and right for something else.

As I have a totally acceptable set of headphones, I'm really only interested in the mic. Can I take my functional 3.5mm headset, pop a 2.5mm adapter on and go for it? Or am I going to need to pay out for the approved headset?
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Also, other DIY solutions are totally encouraged.
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I was just researching this myself.. what you want to build is here: Make a PC Gaming Headset to Xbox 360 Adapter.
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It seems as if all you need to is slap a 2.5mm adaptor on there as you have said. In reading through forums, it seems the only functionality you will lose maybe volume control. Any adapter will do but if your looking for one to adhere to the design of the controller... here ya go...
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also, you can get cheapo 360 headsets/mics on ebay.
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The 'weird' plugs are there for stabilisation or sturdiness. they aren't required for anything.

After going through 3 headsets, I have to say the wireless headset is so worth the $60. I didn't think it would be, but I tried it and it makes a huge difference.
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