Moving up to the Grilling Big Leagues
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Summer time is here and my grill has been cleaned and is ready for use. I need some summer grilling recipes and ideas. Hurry, the grill is hot!

I always tend to grill the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs, but this year I want to try to leave the amateur ranks and try other foods on the grill. All meat, fruit, and veggie ideas are sought! And in particular, what do you do to give them a good flavor (rubs, sauces, etc...) Thanks all and happy grilling!
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Response by poster: Alright, before I get nabbed on it, it's only summer in my brain, but I'm still ready to grill.
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Grill a whole chicken (or a whole turkey, if you're hungry!). Prep by rubbing the whole outside of the chicken with salt and pepper, then brush with oil. You can stuff the cavity with herbs, plus a whole lemon cut in half to give it a nice citrusy flavor.

What you really want to do with this, though, is add smoke. You're using charcoal, right? Use indirect heat for the bird - start the coals and then make two piles on either side of the grill. Right before you put the bird on, throw some hardwood chips on to the coals, add the chicken, and then close the lid. Leave it closed until it's done - about 40 minutes or so for a whole chicken, but use a meat thermometer to determine the proper doneness.

Carve the chicken, then keep the bones and make chicken stock. Now you have nice, smoky meat and a smoky broth, too!
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Cooking salmon on a plank is fun. I can't find the recipe I used last time, but it was a basic teriyaki glaze. There are lots of different options. You should be able to find planks at the grocery store or specialty food store. Just remember that they have to be soaked for awhile before cooking. And you don't have to use cedar...I've used alder, applewood, etc.

And of course I have recommend for the 50th time, these spicy shrimp. They take no time at all to cook on the grill. If you baste them as they cook, they are even spicier.

My basic cooking for a crowd are bone in chicken thighs that I've coated with a BBQ rub. I also peel back the skin and add some rub there. They take maybe 20 minutes to cook. Then I baste them with BBQ sauce for the last few minutes of cooking. I like using thighs because they are small (cook fast), flat (unlike drumsticks) and don't dry out.
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Do you have a rotisserie attachment? Learn how to make various types of rotisserie chicken and drive yourself mad with the aroma while you wait for it to get done. And if you can put a chicken on a spit, you can do the same with beef, lamb and pork. (I think this might be an excellent time to buy and freeze cheap pork, too.)

Try various types of rubs: Portuguese churrasco, tandoori, italian (olive oil, basil, thyme, fennel), greek (olive oil, lemon, dill) or even your favourite supermarket barbeque rub.
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I marinate shrimp in Drew's Garlic Italian dressing and then stick them on wooden skewers and grill. (Make sure to soak the skewers first so they don't catch on fire).

They only take a few minutes on each side and are absolutely amazing. No extra sauce needed.

Grilled corn on the cob is also delicious.
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Tomatillo Salsa
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I hope you are using charcoal. If not. Get ye a charcoal grill if you want your grilling to be taken seriously.

Probably the most delicious thing I have ever grilled was a pork roast. Indirect heat for a loooooong time, throw a pan under it to catch those drippings for gravy. Best. Roast. EVAR.

One of my other staples is mushrooms.
Oyster mushrooms with a light coat of Olive oil and salt and pepper, grilled to perfection.
Nice big portabello caps, same treatment, soooo meaty and good. Throw it on top of a burger for a special treat.
Or grill it, stuff it with a quick stuffing of Bacon pieces, bread crumbs, onions, then topped with mozzarella and tossed under the broiler. This is my secret weapon. Be sure to try to keep alot of the juices in the portabello cap so they moisten the stuffing when you spoon it in. For the stuff, start with cooking some bacon in a frying pan. Once its a bit more crispy then you would like it, toss in diced onions. Once they are soft, add breadcrumbs until its clumpy. Then spoon it into the portabello caps you grilled, cover it with mozzarella, then under the broiler till brown and bubbly.

Other veggies to grill
- Peppers and nice thick onion slices
- Asparagus
- Potatoes

Also, I'll give you my killer salsa recipe, young padawan.

Coat with olive oil, and light salt and pepper and then grill the following:
A bunch of tomatoes (just till they are a bit soft)
Onions, sliced thick and held together with a toothpick stuck through each layer. Brown them up good.
Peppers. Pick a variety to taste. Make sure to blacken the skin and then stick them in a paper bag.
Garlic (just roast it like normal in the grill. Wrap a few heads in tin foil, drizzle with EVOO and salt and pepper, cook till brown and mushy)
A couple ears of corn. I like to remove the silk, soak it. start it with the husks on until almost done, then dehusk and get it some grill marks.

Grill it all, take to the kitchen, chop it all up, removing kruft as necessary. Mix in a bowl, add a few splashes of vinegar, a few cranks of cracked black pepper, some salt, and a nice big handful of cilantro. Put in the fridge for a bit and then get the chips. I do this once or twice a summer and can it for Christmas. Its well fought after in the yearly white elephant exchange.

Also, google Beer Butt chicken.
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Get the Weber Big Book of Grilling and you'll drool.
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Oh yes. Pizza for sure! It's ridiculously easy and ridiculously good! MMM!!! I need grilled pizza now too!

Disclosure: I grill with gas. I have smoked ribs and brisket on my gas grill. They came out great. I'll eventually get a smoker - probably sooner than later - and it will use charcoal. I promise.
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skewers are fun. Tandoori chicken (1 cup yogurt, 1 tbsp cumin, coriander, 1/2tbsp garam masala, tumeric, tsp red chili powder, 1 inch cube of ginger minced/pulped, 3 cloves of garlic minced, salt, pepper, 2tbsp olive oil, marinate chicken more than one hour, less than five) alternating with button mushrooms, onion slices, and chunks of bell pepper) or balinese/indonesian chicken (or pork) skewers (minced lemon grass, lime juice, minced chili, ginger, minced shallots) are good.

Also, fajitas can be fun. I use a mix of chipotle, cumin, garlic, oregano, lime and tequila to marinate either butterflied chicken breasts (so they cook faster and more evenly) or 1cm thick slices from a pork loin roast. I grilled them with halves of bell peppers and rounds of onions. Cook them, remove from grill, slice, place in serving bowls. Warming the tortillas on the grill makes them taste better, I think.

Lamb skewers can be fun, too. Balsamic vinegar, basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and a touch of olive oil. A little paprika gives it a touch of warmth.

Finally, as the embers are dying down, white bread. Toast made over a charcoal fire is the greatest mouthfeel experience in the world. No need for butter, just crispy on the outside, still fluffy on the inside happiness. You'll never love your toaster again.
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Everyone has pretty much mentioned a lot already. One thing I last year was get hot banana peppers out of the garden. I would grill them next to a hot dog, sausage, brat, whatever and use the pepper in lieu of a bun. They added a kick that is surprisingly addictive.
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We sort of accidentally invented a grilled cole slaw that was pretty awesome.

Cut a red cabbage into quarters, brush with oil and salt/pepper, grill until charred. Granny Smith apple, cut in half, brushed with oil, grill for a few minutes, cut-side down. Shred cabbage, cut apple into chunks, toss all with olive oil and red wine vinegar, add more salt/pepper to taste. If you want a creamy slaw, add a tablespoon or two of mayo or yogurt, along with a teaspoon or so of sugar.

Grilled artichokes are great too. Parcook the artichokes in boiling water until almost tender. Cut in half, rub with oil, and finish them on the grill.
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Are you averse to grilling a steak? A nice ribeye would seem to be the next logical step in the progression from hamburger/hotdog to more advanced stuff. Or maybe sirloin, then ribeye. I like it with a little bit of onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Nothing fancy.
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Oh, I loved this when I was a kid growing up:

Cajun Smoked Shark:

Get a fresh shark fillet: 4-5 inches thick.

Create a weak brine (a tbs. of salt in 1/2 gallon of water). Soak fillet a few hours per side. Wash well under cool water and place in milk overnight.

Pat dry and rub liberally with salt and Cajun seasonings.

Smoke over indirect heat from additive free charcoal.

(optional: serve with boiled peanuts)
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Slice a pineapple in 1/2" slices. Mix together brown sugar and lime juice. Brush the mixture onto the slices. Grill until carmelized for a tasty grilled dessert.
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Easy Crock Baby Back Ribs

Put your baby back ribs in a crockpot.
Cover with several cups water and teaspoon pepper and whole chopped onion.
Cook on low six hours.
Remove. Slather on favorite sauce.
Put on the grill till you get those nice burnt marks.
Enjoy bone-sucking succulent ribs
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Molasses-Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin is one of my favorite made for the grill recipes (though I also make it inside on the stove). Bobby Flay is good with grilled food in general, fruit to meat to veggies, so you might want to check out some of his cookbooks. I have and like Grill It!
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Take a pineapple and slice off the top, bottom, and all the rind. Put on the rotisserie and glaze/baste it with a combination of maple syrup, brown sugar and some spices ( cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. ) while it turns. Add, subtract, or vary the ingredients to your liking. Heat for an hour or so, basting as often as you feel is needed. Slice and serve warm. Makes a great dessert when paired with vanilla ice cream. Eat around the core with knife and fork. You might want to have two pineapples depending on the number of people and in case they might want seconds. It doesn't need a lot of cooking, just heating up. Oh yeah, you might want to use a catch pan for the drippings. YUM !!!
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Marinate a portobello mushroom in BBQ sauce and Italian dressing then throw it on the grill. Top with with coleslaw (in my case, vegan coleslaw), slap it on a bun and you have yourself a fucking delicious sandwich. Quick, easy and incredibly tasty.
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Dessert! (and no, not just s'mores.) Pineapple does work well, and I've heard peaches are great grilled too.

My recommendation, though -- pound cake, banana bread, or something similar that has a quick-bread kind of density. Even supermarket Sara Lee-type pound cake turns heavenly after a few minutes on the grill... crunchy, crispy, slightly charred exterior, fluffy warm interior, yum. Amazing with ice cream or cold whipped cream on the side.
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