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What music does a particular internet parody video remind me of?

The video in question is here. It's from CollegeHumor and it's called "In An Apatow World." It's fairly clever, but more than that, it's SUPER catchy, and I need other, less ridiculous songs in the same style to get me through this time.

Also, I feel very silly asking this question, but I really do want answers.
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I'm no musical expert, but it sounds like reggae to me.

Try Pressure Drop: The Definitive Collection by Toots & the Maytals or The Bob Marley Collection for reasonably large collections of similarly upbeat reggae music.
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Lily Allen's "Alright, Still" album, start with Smile. It's on Spotify, if you're in Europe. If not, Youtube

I haven't heard her latest so don't know if that follows up the same sound.
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it sounds like reggae to me

No snark intended here, ob1quixote, but no way. The people you cite are indeed reggae-- but this stuff is that bastardized caucasian stuff a la Sugar Ray and Barenaked Ladies.
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I would agree that this is some kind of pop/reggae, sounds like a blend of UB40 (equally catchy but even cheesier) and Sublime (much better, more ska and in some songs punk influence).

For real reggae, the Studio One - Roots and Trojan Records - Solid Gold from the Vaults compilation series are good.
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I get the "reggae-lite" vibe off of this song. Reminds me of this.
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This reminds me more of Ziggy Marley's Arthur theme song.

Happy Bob Marley reggae.
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