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I'm looking for a timer application to use on my computer. I'm cooking for Thanksgiving the day ahead, and while the food is in the oven, I'm doing other things in the house. At the moment, I'm using the microwave as a timer. But I was wondering if there's an application or Firefox extension like an egg timer for my computer. Poking around Google isn't turning up much, but I'm also not sure how to word it. Anyone hear of or lay eyes on what I'm looking for?
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Would This do the trick? Haven't used it myself.
posted by defcom1 at 2:06 PM on November 24, 2004

Best answer: For Linux, there's the KDE Tea Timer.

And I haven't used it personally, but this Firefox extension looks pretty promising.
posted by box at 2:19 PM on November 24, 2004

if you have a mac, fob is really pretty good. Multiple alarms!

"Multiple alarms" probably didn't deserve an exclamation point.
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if you have a mac, has a number of widgets that are timers.
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For Windows: 1Time. Simple, good, free, been using it a long time.
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konfabulator is now out for windoze, as well. FYI.
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Response by poster: The firefox extension is perfect, and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much everyone.
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What does this have to do with web browsing? I don't understand why someone would want a Firefox extension for this as it presumably requires you to have Firefox open the whole time.
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I think it's because people do have Firefox open all the time, and it blocks the desktop and any other timer programs you might be running.
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For OS X, I use Chimoo Timer.
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Firefox doesn't block the taskbar, which is where 1Time runs when you minimize it. (1Time rules!)
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Well you already have a solution, but still I wanted to point out Multi Timer (scroll about halfway down). They have at least two other similar little programs, but I think this is the more flexible one. 120Kb for Windows.
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On osx I use pester and I like it a lot. If you are the kind of person who likes to compile source the author has the latest source code available for download somewhere and it adds a lot of neato nifty keen features.
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The Strong Bad Clock from the downloads section of has an alarm. (Just look for "SB Clock" in the options)
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