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Where can I find plain black or white girl boxers? (UK or online)

I'm looking for a similar style to this but a little longer in the leg and without prints or supposedly "cheeky" slogans. I've managed to find some pairs in Primark in the boy's section that were the right type, a long time ago, but since then all the tight boxers I see have that penis-holding crotch bulge which I'm fairly sure wouldn't suit me. So I'm looking for plain black or white close-fitting boxers designed for poorly-endowed men, prepubescent boys or entirely uncheeky women in either a UK shop or from online, preferably at a low price but I don't mind awfully :)
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Have you checked out American Apparel?
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Best answer: Mark and Spencers. (They do another style with an 'Autograph' waistband, but shorter legs.)
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Find a way to buy these. Seriously. I used to be on a quest to find the perfect "boy brief" girly underwear, and these totally fit the bill way more than any other underwear ever. They've pretty much replaced all of my other underwear. Seriously, I get sad when all of mine are in the wash and I have to wear something else. They're designed for women, so no bulge (the y-front is just decorative), but are as well-made and wedgie free as men's underwear. And they come two in a pack, often with one white and one black.
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The Hanes PhoBWanKenobi linked to are pretty awesome. I came in to recommend them as well.
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Depending on what you liked about the type you had before, these might also suit - they're not boxer styled, but they have the slightly longer leg and are plain.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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