Zipper For My Lovesac
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I have a Lovesac (circa 2003) with a microsuede cover in the 'Ton-O-Love' size (now called MovieSac) that has a broken zipper. I've been to three alterations places trying to get the thing fixed with no help. Finally, I found someone who will replace it if I can find the zipper (she was unable to). It's 140" long and the color is white/gray. Is this something I can purchase online? I'd like to find one that won't break again.

More questions:

1) It looks like it's going to cost about $50 for the labor alone. Does this sound reasonable?
2) I've researched buying a new cover but they are in the ballpark of $200-$300 (too much for my budget). Other creative options?
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Sorry if this is out of the realm of possibilty, but it was the first thing that popped into my head as a cost-saving alternative: Can you just ask the seamstress to replace the zipper with velcro (it would be easier to find and easier to work with than a 140-inch zipper -- and you wouldn't have to worry about it breaking in the future).
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Getting 1 140' zipper may get expensive. I 2nd the Velcro idea.
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What you are looking for is called "zipper tape," it's sold by the foot. These guys have it.
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Yes, Velcro or snaps would be my suggestion.

The zipper probably broke due to stress, so it would be preferable to get something that would open but not break if it was under too much stress, so no buttons!

$50 does sounds reasonable, and I'd think 140 inches of velcro or 28 snaps would be similar in labor cost.

on preview: yes zipper tape would work, but it may break again in the same way.
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I added a zipper to a duvet cover a few years ago. I didn't have a super long zipper (I think I needed about 60") but I did have two 30" zippers and positioned them so they met in the middle. Perhaps this solution will work for you?
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Zipper tape is pretty cheap. Changing over to Velcro would mean adding a flap to one side of the openning so the two pieces could over lap. It is also a lot bulkier than a zipper which might look bad if you can see the opening. Snaps or buttons are going to add stress risers.

Die cast metal zippers are the strongest followed by stamped metal and then the assorted inject plastic teeth styles and finally the weakest is the coil type.
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Zipperstop does custom-length cuts of any of their zippers.
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