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Meta-Filter worked well for me recently, so I thought I’d try again. I realize that what I’m asking is probably a pipedream, but here goes. I live in Los Angeles, CA, have a day job, and am looking for ideas for part-time work, evening and weekends, that would bring in between $500 - $1000 a month.

Would like to work from home, but will commute any reasonable distance, depending on pay.
I have degrees in English Literature and Photographic Illustration and have worked for software companies in the past as an “Applications Engineer” (conducting product demos only, no
programming). In addition, taught a college-level computer graphics course while earning the Photo degree.
Past part time work includes bartending and teaching bartending courses. Also worked part-time at various minimum wage ‘sales’ jobs in retail stores of interest (i.e., Radio Shack).
Any ideas? Not looking for a new career here, just creative ideas for interesting PT work to pay off some bills. Wouldn’t mind something unusual or off-beat.
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How about freelance design work? Maybe enter some contests on
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Freelance design work can be a pretty thin market if you don't have anything established, but might be an option.

Any problems with going back to bartending? If you don't want to go back to working in a bar, it's worth checking the gigs section of craigslist; often times caterers and other event staffing services are looking for bartenders and tray-passers for private parties and the like. I made some decent money passing trays at private christmas parties; pretty easy work if you've waited tables before.

Babysitting is an option, especially if you've done it before.

*insert standard line about how it's tougher to find part-time work due to the recession, etc.*
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Best answer: Adjuncting at a local college. Community Colleges and Continuing Ed Programs are especially eager for computer based design courses. These often offer classes at night and on weekends, and you only spend a few hours a week in the actual classroom.
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Best answer: I teach SAT Prep classes/tutor and do some transcription to bring in the low end of that range each month. Sigh. You could also try taking some photos for stock photo sites. I've been too lazy to do that personally, but have met some people it works for.
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You didn't mention your gender, but you could consider egg or sperm donation. I heard on TV recently that if accepted as a donor you could have a long term (depending on your age) gig. Here is one sperm bank I found in CA: The story on TV said that there is a premium on tall, blonde, light eyed donors with dimples and a good education! Good Luck; California should have plenty of options for you.
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Pizza delivery? It's a nights-and-weekends kind of thing.
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Response by poster: How about freelance design work?
Will check out freelance design, but am looking for steady, reliable income, rather than job-by-job 'competitions.'

Any problems with going back to bartending?
Existing BTs are frantically guarding their existing shifts and trying to get better ones. No one is leaving and no one is hiring. Am looking more for steady part-time income, vice random gigs. A 'regular paycheck' thing.

Adjuncting at a local college
Teach SAT Prep classes/tutor
Teaching Computer Graphics/SAT Prep classes might work. Ultimately want to pay off bills, move to Costa Rica and teach English there until I retire. Additional teaching exerience could be helpful.

Photos for stock photo sites
How does one get started in this field? Particularly in this digital age? Do stock houses accept digital submissions?

Have checked out the sperm donation suggestion. It's certainly offbeat (so to speak) and pays well enough, but unfortunately, I'm over the age limit.

Pizza Delivery/Babysitting/Paper Route, I'll probably save as last resorts.

Thanks for all the input. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Best answer: Here are two sites people have pointed me towards for stock photography. From what I understand, they need really sharp, hi-res photos, and they seem to like more business-y type photos with people, which require a model release. Poke around on there, set up a profile, and you'll have to submit a few sample shots for approval before you can get started.
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Response by poster:

Thanks Book, checking them out right now.
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