What kind of home can we find for a bunch of black walnut trees in Chicagoland?
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We are in the process of selling off a piece of land for development. There are several nice, tall Black Walnut trees on the property (40 feet) and we would like to know if there is any place or person who might buy them in or around the Chicagoland area. Anybody have experience with similar tree sales?

I searched and saw a similar post (fallen walnut tree) and the info was useful, I'd just like a little more. Specifically, what type of person or outfit would we contact to possible sell of these large trees? It seems like a waste to just trash the wood in the development of the land.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Best answer: All I can offer to help with your googling is that there are specialty landscape / nursery companies that sell (transplant) enormous trees for big bucks. You could try calling one and offering yours for sale. I don't know how much of that money you'll get: I think most of their pay comes from the cranes and backhoes and flatbeds that are involved. I'd google things like: transplant nursery mature trees chicago.
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Hrm. Maybe ask someone like Heidler? If they can't take it themselves, they should at least be able to hook you up with someone who can.
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Last time I explored this with my woodworker friend (four years ago) he told me a Black Walnut with a 12' tall stem would fetch ~$5000 from a specialty hardwood supplier.
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Best answer: "Last time I explored this with my woodworker friend (four years ago) he told me a Black Walnut with a 12' tall stem would fetch ~$5000"

Maybe for a tree with a very large diameter, completely knot-free 12' tall stem, but this would be an extremely rare case. You're average black walnut is not worth anywhere near that sort of money. Many become firewood.

Bobbyno, you might offer them on ForestryForum.com or on an appropriate section of Woodweb's forums. Somebody there will steer you in the right direction.
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Try calling the Chicago Park District, the Morton Arboretum and the Chicago Botanic Gardens. They might want/need the trees for something.

Failing that, hit the Yellow Pages and look for nurseries and start calling. Obviously, you won't get a great price if they have to come get the trees, but I'm sure it would be something. Try looking in other counties- there are a lot of tree farms (and sod farms) in the collar counties like Will, Kankakee, Grundy, Kendall, Lake, LaSalle and Winnebago.

On This Old House, they have shown tree transplantings. It's really cool- there are giant trucks with giant scoopers that just back up to the tree, scoop it up, tip it onto a flatbed and cart it off.

Or, hook up with a local woodworker and get a shitload of furniture built.
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