I could go anywhere, and then camp (we won't play William Tell)!
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What is the tracked camper vehicle that Bill and Joan are riding in at the end of the film Naked Lunch and where can i get one?
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Not familiar with the movie, but is it a Liberty Mini Mog?
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This is the scene, but I had assumed it was a prop.
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It was some variation of the "half-track". It's been so long since I saw the movie that I don't recall the specifics. If you scroll through the Google image search for half-track, you should spy something similar:
half-track - Google Image Search
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From the director's description: And so they arrive together, in a strange ramshackle buglike half-track vehicle, at the borders of Annexia. It is as cold and barren as Interzone was hot ...
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Looks like an old Bombardier snowmobile, with wheels swapped in for the skis.
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Bombardier B-12.
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It is worth noting that this particular model is fairly iconic and well known in Canada. You don't see too many that are still running, but there are quite a few rusting in backyards in the North.
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As seen at the National Museum of the American Indian!
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Response by poster: Excellent, thanks everyone!
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