How to trigger Office's JIT Debug utility in Office 2007?
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I want to use the JIT Debug utility you can install with Office 2007 to debug scripts in another (non-Office) product. I used to be able to do that using previous versions of Office but it doesn't seem to work anymore. What am I doing wrong?

I've asked and Googled around to no avail. I have done the following setup (I'm on XP):
  1. Installed the Microsoft Script Editor (HTML Source Editing) | Web Scripting | Web Debugging component
  2. Enabled JIT Debugging in the following registry setting: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software \Microsoft\Windows Script\Settings\ JITDebug [DWORD]
  3. Enabled script debugging (Control Panel | Internet Options | Advanced | Browsing and deselect Disable script debugging (Other)).
When I run a faulty script in the application the debug prompt that used to be displayed asking me if I wanted to debug just doesn't appear. What am I missing?
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Are you sure it's a script you are trying to debug and not a compiled (.NET or C++) component? It could be an obfuscated or secured script which means you are probably out-of-luck.

You might try installing a lower-level debugger and seeing if that attaches when you are prompted to debug. WinDBG is free, but probably way too low-level for you - heck it's nearly way too low-level for me ;-)

What is the other product you are trying to debug?
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Response by poster: Yup, I'm sure it's a proper script, they're our own as is the product through which I'm trying to access the debugger. The app does report the errors, which is why I expected the prompt.
We used it in training sessions to show our customers how they can debug their own scripts without requiring a specific development environment. Guess have changed in Office 2007 and we'll have to resort to other utils.
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