Forum with integrated event calendar which users can RSVP to?
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Do you know of any forum software with an integrated calendar which allows users to RSVP to events, or an add-on/mod that does this?

I was hoping there would be an add-on that does this for Vanilla, which is my preferred forum software. As it turns out, an add-on which does exactly what I need was once in development, but seems to be indefinitely on hiatus.

I'm currently looking at calendar mods for Simple Machines Forum and phpBB. (Any recommendations there would also be much appreciated.)

I'm a front-end person with little or no PHP or database skill, sadly. I'd rather not use Drupal or Joomla for the forum, if that's possible.
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vBulletin with Event Attendance v2 maybe?
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Response by poster: Thanks! Also found this attendance mod for phpBB, but it's in alpha.
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