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I'm looking for a catchy theme for our Summer Enrichment group.

I'm organizing a Summer Enrichment class for 10-12 students in 5th through 8th grade. Since this is enrichment rather than summer school students will not be required to come, but rather lured into the program. I am looking for a creative and fun theme/name for the program that doesn't sound like school, enrichment, or worksheets.

For background, the kids will be making a mural for part of the school, building their own personal computer, learning instruments in the music group, and participating in a drama club. They will do each of these things for one week over a month. They will also be going on at least four field trips.

Further background, our school is located in Chicago and the students are primarily for African-American descent (if you want to include something of that culture in the title).

I am specifically looking for a name for the group, but any other marketing tools would also be considered helpful.
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Our local fitness center holds Summertime Safari (pdf), camp for kids. Maybe you can expand on that theme.
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Break Busters.
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Best answer: This is like a creativity (day)camp? Oh there are many possibilities here. Maybe a theme can emerge from the drama pieces and music you choose. Computers too? I dunno, CSI maybe?
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Response by poster: I'm favoriting rhizome although we are not going with CSI. However, the answer did make me think of playing of tv shows or movies and we decided to go with the C.A.M.P. Rock theme. (Computers, art, music, performance)
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