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I'm looking for a semi-isolated rental cabin in the Rockies within a couple hour drive of Denver. All I can find are ski condos. Can I get a little help?

My wife and I have rented cabins in the mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the past, and have enjoyed just getting away from it all and holing up for a long weekend alone. I stress the alone part -- part of the fun is (at least the illusion of) isolation from neighbors. For an idea of what I'm talking about, here is where we've stayed in the past.

With air fares so low, we're now looking at flying out to Denver, Colorado (USA) and renting a cabin in the Breckenridge/Keystone area, Nederland area, or Estes Park area -- basically anywhere in the mountains within a two hour drive of Denver. The problem that I'm running into is that everything I find is either in town, a duplex (two units to a building), or a multiple unit condo.

Does anyone know a place that rents log cabins that might fit our needs? In case it matters, we're looking for a four night stay in October. Bonus points for personal recommendations.
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The Y in Estes is supposed to be great. I don't know how isolated you would be from the other Y buildings but it might be a place to start.

Actually, Googling "Estes Park cabins" brings up all kinds of places so I guess I don't know what you are having trouble with. Estes Park might actually be the good option for you if you are looking for touristy things to do and to be near a National Park. I love Estes and highly recommend it especially over the Keystone/Breck area. It doesn't surprise me that you can only find condos (ski condos) in that area.

Another option would be to try googling the names of smaller town in the area of Estes or within your two hour distance. Allenspark, Peaceful Valley, Lyons, Nederland and Idaho Springs all come to mind.

I think one of your deciding factors needs to be what you want to be near. Are you planning on doing certain activities while you are there? Hiking, fishing, cooking and playing board games, dining out or what?
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I have no idea if there are any cabins for rent in the area and I've only been hiking there a few times but check out the Wet Mountains. They're about a three hour drive southwest of Denver and really beautiful.
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My wife lived in Estes Park for ten years, and recommends Aspen Lodge. Other answers in that thread might help too.
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Have you checked the listings on VRBO? There will invariably be lots of properties like the ones you are trying to avoid, but it also lists a ton of stuff that may be more in tune with what you're looking for. My wife's family has a place just outside of Silverthorne that abuts the national forest; the area has numerous properties that are available for rental that are not actually in town or multi-family units.
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The River Suites are cool. You have neighbors, but you don't share walls with them. It also isn't in Breckenridge or Keystone, but is a couple hours from Denver and in a very pretty, somewhat rural area.

As a total bonus - this area has some of the best whitewater rafting anywhere.
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Oh, on re-read, maybe not so much with the rafting in October.
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