Holy Tattoos!
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DalaiLamaFilter: Does the Dalai Lama have tattoos?

In some photos of the Dalai Lama (for example) four light marks can be seen on his arm. While the size and symmetry of them suggests tattoos, they're rather faded and could definitely be birthmarks.

Does anyone know if the Dalai Lama is indeed sporting some ink, and if so, what it means?
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My untrained eye thinks those are scars of some nature.
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To me they looked like scars, so I googled and voila: AskMe question on this very topic.
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I didn't even think of scars! Which would explain why my preliminary search didn't wield anything.
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I have a friend who met him once. He even gave him a Sony Playstation. I'll ask for you.
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He says, "Good question. I feel like he does, but I couldn't go on the record with that. Trying to think back..."

I'll let you know if I get more updates.
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I have also heard elsewhere the explanation mentioned in that thread, that they're vaccination scars. A Buddhist teacher of mine had them (he grew up in India), and I've seen them on other (non-Indian) Commonwealthers who got the smallpox vax.
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Those look like vaccination scars, both for location and size. I have one, other arm, from long ago. For a while, some doctors switched to vaccinating women down near the ankle (ouch!) DD who's 25 was vaccinated without leaving a mark. No idea when the change happened.
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http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/1999/may/08/books.guardianreview9 Article mentions similar scars on shoulder being vaccination scars.

Oh yeah and exceptinsects? DD typically stands for "darling daughter"
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