Help a guy find a necklace
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I'd like to buy a leather cord necklace for a guy. The catch: I need Greek letters on it, and not just your standard frat letters. Any recommendations?

More specifically: I'm looking for a black leather cord, around 3mm, with gun-metal (or similar) colored Greek letters, including lowercase and a terminal sigma. Google has turned up plenty of frat letter combinations, but nothing more free form.
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Would you be adverse to making it yourself? Fire Mountain Gems has Greek letter cube beads, though I'm not sure if they have exactly the letters you're looking for. And of course they sell leather cord in many different colors. Just search the site for "Greek letters" and you'll see what they've got.
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On closer inspection, I bet those beads are exactly the kind you're not looking for -- I'm sure they're meant for frat/sorority use. Sorry.
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This Amazon store has beads with miniscules, but no terminal sigma that I could find. Not sure the style ls what you're looking for either.

Wish I could be more helpful; your project is compelling in its geek appeal.
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I poked around a bit, but it seems getting that terminal sigma is pretty difficult. Seems there's a company called bodycandy that makes lowercase greek letter charms, but I don't know if they could be connected to a leather cord, and in any case they don't seem to make the terminal sigma.

If I were you, I'd print out the whole set of letters you want and take it in to your local bead store. They might know someone who either sells the beads in question, or maybe someone who can do the engraving for you if the beads just don't exist.
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You could probably find someone to help you on Etsy's Alchemy.

These guys in particular look like they could possibly help.
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Wow Imports specializes in this sort of thing. I found them through Lucky Magazine. However, their chains are silver and gold. But perhaps they could rig up leather cord for you, as they seem amenable to special requests.
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