Beautiful, simple iPhone games
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I love Ferry Halim's Orisinal games. What are some games for the iPhone with a similar beautiful aesthetic and simple gameplay? Bonus points, as always, for free or cheap.
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Rasta Monkey is the cutest game of all time, and apparently addictive like crack, because my boyfriend plays it while we're in bed together.
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Not quite a game, but an iPhone version of the Tone Matrix that was a hit on the blue a few weeks ago is coming out in a few days. It's called Melodica, and you can see a demo of it here.

PS: Avoid the Tone Matrix apps that are out already. I've tried them and they are very buggy.
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Best answer: Surely you haven't missed Flight Control? It was the #1 paid game for a while, and it's beautifully designed both graphically and in terms of gameplay.
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Eliss (itunes store link) is probably the best (cheap at any price) iPhone game I've ever played. My review is here.
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Best answer: Zenbound. Gorgeous sound and graphics. Wrap a rope around a shape. No rush. Just try and wrap as much as possible (with the limitation being the length of the rope and the complexity of the shape.) Even the opening screen says "Designed for headphones"
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Seconding Flight Control.
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ZenBound is pretty much what you want. Honestly, it's the only iPhone game I haven't been disappointed in so far. BeBot is also good fun but it isn't really a game, more of an amusing toy.
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Check out Orbital
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