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What are some of the most stirring and melodramatic sports compilation videos on Youtube?

For example Rivaldo's hattrick against Valencia or Lance Armstrong climbing Luz Ardiden. Any sport. It can be one game, match, event, or an overview of an entire career. The more music from the score of Gladiator utilised, and the more emotional the commentary, the better.
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This Trinity University football clip is commented upon by a sportscaster who is just giving the basics at first but gradually gets more and more excited until he ends up practically shouting. Hell, I don't even like football and I find this video fascinating.

Best part: the "NO WAY! NO WAY!" guy near the end.
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Well, it's a Nike ad, but I find the ad and the music to be stirring.
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The Play is always a classic. No music, but the commentary is great. What a finish.
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This isn't an example of a good play or anything, but the intro music (Alan Parsons Project - Sirius) to the Bulls games always brings back memories of the Jordan era, which was a high time in NBA history.

Video is here.
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Tiger Woods' chip-in at the Masters always gives me a positive chill. No music needed.
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Best of Kazushi Sakuraba.
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Well, there's no soundtrack (and it's not really a compilation video), but if we're going to talk Nike commercials, we have to include this one.
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Penn State Football Run-Out, 2007

Bonus: I am in a crowd somewhere in that video.
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Not a YT video, but you should really rent, buy, borrow, beg or steal "When We Were Kings". A great documentary about the Ali-Foreman Rumble In The Jungle. Great interviews, personalities and music.

There are clips of this on YT, but I would really recommend seeing the whole movie.
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2005 NCAA basketball tournament Elite 8 game between Illinois and Arizona.

If that means nothing to you, then American college basketball end-of-season tournament quarterfinal game.
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I don't know if these fit or not, but here's a clip of an ESPN story about Jason McElwain and here's a clip of the story of the Gainesville State Tornadoes.
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Mears and Johncock at the Indy 500 in '82, with their comments.

Two pros at their best in a moment of extreme challenge and stakes.

Johncock, more than 25 years later: "It kind of gives you goosebumps or something, you know, when you re-watch it."

Lots of emotional commentary from the announcers at the time and the drivers. Dramatic music, too!

I've been fortunate to see a good measure of electrifying moments, some live, to include this one, and some on TV. For me, this tops 'em all, easily.

There's so much at stake, they're close on the track, the tiniest movements of hands and feet--at over 200 mph--are the difference between winning the biggest race of 'em all by far, losing and crashing. It gets to be like chess, but a lot faster and riskier.

Mears, more than 25 years later: "I knew it, he knew it... and he knew I knew it."

Good sportsmanship, too! Mears comments that he thought during the race, "If we cant, it would be great to see him win."
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Apparently that Lemond/Fignon video doesn't have the thrill of victory/agony of defeat bits: here they are.
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This plays before every University of Alabama Crimson Tide football game. Meant to scare the daylights outta the other guys.
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The greatest yokozuna in recent times, Chiyonofuji had a 53-bout unbroken winning streak second only to Futabayama's 69-bout run in the '30s.
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This is not a compilation, but it is perhaps the most intimidating thing in team sports.

The Haka
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not a compilation, but Derek Redmond finishing his race with his father's help is one the most emotional moments in athletics. I always tear.
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