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Is there a site like www.myepisodes.com but for books or comics?

I have a bunch of authors I like and I can never keep up with when their new books are coming out.

I had this problem with TV shows, especially with all those long midseason hiatuses, but mypisodes really solved that problem. I was hoping someone had made something like that for books are comics.

Where I could save all the authors or comics names that I like, and then I could get a calendar showing when new works are coming out.

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Two favs and no answers. Someone probably needs to go out and create such a website.

Social media built around books may help. You could put your authors/books into some site like Shelfari or Librarything. And they may have a list of books in the author's profile. May work, may not, depending on how obscure your books/authors are. If your books are in a niche genre, then you would do well to hang around in a forum which deals with that genre.

This site helps you find out all the books in a series. So if that's something you're looking for, great. They don't have RSS or any such cool stuff though. So bummer.
You could, if you really wanted, create an RSS custom news search on Google which would bring up every headline about the authors you are interested in... It will bring in too much info.

I realize all of this way too much bother than you wanted. Good luck. If nothing, maybe your question inspires someone to create such a website... keep checking MeFi projects :)
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For comics, Comic Scout lets you track writers/artists and different titles. My Pull List is pretty similar, too...
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Best answer: Comixology might be what you're looking for for comics. They've even got an iPhone application. I don't see a way, though, to track releases based on creator.
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Response by poster: Comixology has the feature i wanted, the pull list there can show the whole upcoming month, and it was fairly easy to add comics to the list.

Now I just wish there was something like it for books.
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