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What was the first movie to feature the now-cliché scene of the protagonist holding a dead companion and shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" while the camera pulls away?
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Response by poster: Or any early examples of it that you can think of. I think I'd also be interested in the earliest parody of it, too
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TV Tropes might help you:
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Not holding a dead companion, but there's a long no in this clip from Tron (1983) here, at 8:05.

The only other example that comes to mind is DO NOT WANT.
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The earliest movie in which I remember seeing exactly the scene you describe in the post is The English Patient.
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In Overseas, this happens, but the guy is screaming the woman's (his wife's) name.
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This YT Noooo! compilation has a long list in the extended discription.
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I thought it was an Evil Dead thing, though I don't think there's anyone involved but Ash and his personal anguish.
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Here's one from 1985. (I believe the exact quote was NOOOOOO! BASTARDS!)
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Not an answer but Law and Order KFC has my favorite parody version
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In "Superman the Movie"(1978), when Lois Lane appears to be dead, Superman looks to the heavens and screams his head off for like five minutes before he flies off to spin the world backward on its axis and turn back time. But I think this trope probably goes back further than that.
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I don't have any movie names for you, but I think this is a fairy cliched movie trope that you could even find silent movies using it. The picture of someone lamenting while looking up is such a ubiquitous mannerism that you could probably go back hundreds of years and find paintings using it.
But I gather your looking for the much more recent meta version with the specific inclusion of the "Nooo!"?
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